We Humans and the Intelligent Machines

How algorithms shape our lives and how we can make good use of them

Published: April 2019

Language: German/ English

Defeat cancer before it develops. Prevent crime before it happens. Get the dream job without an old boys network. Algorithms can turn long-cherished desires into reality. But they can also undermine our solidarity-based health system, bring about discriminatory court rulings or exclude people from the labour market.


Algorithms and Artificial Intelligence already determine our lives today. This book explores their chances and risks on the basis of over 40 cases, describes their effects on our life and makes suggestions as to how we can put them at the service of society.

The Digital Education Revolution -

The Radical Change of Learning and How We Can Shape It


Published: 2016

Language: German


A student receives a personalized curriculum each day that a computer center in New York creates over night. A university uses software which calculates each student's optimal courses, including his or her probable final grades. A company makes its applicants serve sushi at a virtual restaurant, because that computer game will predict their professional success. Education experts Jörg Dräger and Ralph Müller-Eiselt know: This is the future of education.


In their new book, they show how an interconnected world will not only fundamentally change our educational system, but our entire society; how those who had no educational opportunities get new chances and threaten old elites. And they issue a warning: digital education collects huge amounts of data which lead to a "transparent learner" who leaves irrevocable traces in the internet, making him potentially to a victim of algorithms and probabilities.


How Political Ideas Become Reality -

The Reform Compass. A textbook and manual.


Published: 2014

Language: German


The Reform Compass is a hands-on strategy model for the public sector. It introduces students and practitioners alike to the complexity of political reform processes, describes crucial success factors for reforms and illustrates those factors using real-life case studies. It explicitly addresses political reform processes, thereby diverging from existing change management literature. Starting with personal experiences in political consulting and government, taking into account the complexity and imponderables of political everyday life, the authors make the case for a strategic approach to political reform. Following their motto "see earlier, plan smarter, decide better", they succeed at providing a comprehensive, hands-on perspective on the subject. The Reform Compass can be used both for teaching political and administrative sciences and for real-life advice for the political practitioner.

Poets, Philosophers, Drop-outs -

Good schools are possible

Published: 2012

Language: German

Eight teachers turn one of the worst classes in all of Sweden into the country's best in just six months. What seems impossible is the result of a new pedagogy. That's only one example in which Jörg Dräger demonstrates that good schools are possible. Using vivid stories and evidence-based arguments, he describes the educational challenges our society faces. He provides answers to the crucial questions in education and develops solutions which can help us find a way out of today's education crisis. Klaus von Dohnanyi reflects these insights and suggestions in a programmatic manual.

Simulations for Solid State Physics


Published: 1997

Language: English


This interactive resource centers around fourteen high quality computer simulations covering essential topics in solid state physics, at advanced undergraduate or graduate level. The computer simulations provided cover x-ray diffraction, phonons, electron states and dynamics, semiconductors, magnetism, and dislocations. Users can vary different characteristics and immediately see the results in animations and graphical displays. The companion book is essential for effective use of the simulations. It guides the user through hundreds of exercises and examples, illustrates fundamental physical principles, and contains notes on the relevant physics.